We can fix your broken eyeglasses …many times in the same day. Your broken frame will be repaired, adjusted, and double checked to make sure they look like new again!

Our Pricing:

Let me start by saying, every repair is different. They may have similarities but all have small differences that make each one unique. That’s why it is impossible to give someone an exact price quote over the phone without seeing the broken frame first. Most frame repairs will cost anywhere between $15 and $40. That is much cheaper than the cost of purchasing a new frame and lenses. 

(Frequently Ask Questions)

Question: “When a frame needs a repair weld; will it be damaged or discolored to the point that it would be obvious and unsightly?”

Answer: Not always, it is true that there is some degree of discoloration with some of the welds, but our goal is to finish the repaired area to as close to the original finish as possible and we are quite good at that!

Question: “If I take my frames to one of the large one hour optical chains, would they be able to do any repairs that I need?”

Answer: Not always, most Optical stores offer no eyeglass repair services.

Question:  Can  I take the lenses from my broken frames and re-use them in a new one?”

Answer: Yes, sometimes we can. But first we must find a frame that will not change your vision and optics of your lenses, and a frame that they will fit into. 8 out of 10 times we can find something that will work.

Common Eyeglass Repairs Include:
METAL FRAMES:cracked plastic frame gold frame
Metal frames can be repaired with the soldering or welding process. We use  gold and silver solder specially for eyeglass repair. This solder creates a bond that is almost as strong as what you get from the manufacturer. Once the repair has been made, we buff and polish the area. The final touch is to align the frame.

We either repair your frame, or rebuild it with our inventory of comparable parts for both metal and plastic frames.


Your Plastic frames will be repaired  or replacement parts are used. Our repair process is unique and we try to make it a permanent fix. If repaired, the repaired area is buffed and then polished. The frame is then cleaned.  We have a large inventory of parts for plastic eyeglasses and sunglasses. Our goal is to give you back your frames repaired, and in working order. Thank you Drew Alan.