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At See World Optics, you can expect only the finest in genuine customer service for all of your eyecare and eyewear needs! From simple nose pad adjustments , to digitally made Progressive Lenses, and comprehensive eye exams. We also do online DMV eye tests.  You can be sure your Optical needs will be met with the satisfaction you deserve!store11

Do you suffer from…?

  • Eye strain from the eye pad?
  • Blurry Vision from your eyeglasses?
  • Headaches after working on a computer all day.
  • Broken or misaligned  eyeglass frames?
  • Eyeglass frames that you are allergic to, and don’t  even know it?

Well worry no more! We are your neighborhood Optician and Optical store on Union Turnpike in New Hyde Park New York.11040  See World Optics is  nestled on the border of Queens and Nassau County In New Hyde Park NY providing Professional  services for all of Long Island. We offer top quality eyewear at affordable prices!  Using highly skilled craftsmanship and state of the art Optical equipment. See World Optics will find the solution to make sure your vision won’t suffer any more!

We can also  fix  broken eyeglasses, many times in the same day. Your broken eyeglasses will be repaired, adjusted, and double checked to make sure they look like new again!  Common eyeglass repairs include:

  • Replacing of broken eyeglass parts.
  • We can Solder , braze  or weld  your broken metal eyeglass frames back together.
  • Sinking  new hinges into plastics eyeglass frames.
  • Readjust your eyeglasses to be like new.

Find out how we can comfortably improve your vision here. At See World Optics Referrals and your reviews help build our business, Please read  our reviews. Thank you.

 Tuesday to Friday 10:30 to 6:00   Sat. till 4:00

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   We carry a large collection of Sports eye wear.

We now carry Vernon Gantry  Eyewear. Check out their link.

Offering Eye/contact lenses Exams,Fitting Services For all Eyeglass lenses. We also do in house Eyeglass Repair and on line DMV eye tests.
Our Optical store is located on Long Island in New Hyde Park NY & our Service Area Includes all of:  The Village of Lake Success,Bayside NY,Queens NY,Nassau County,Little Neck,Great Neck NY 11021 Glen Oaks 11004,Floral Park 11040,Bellerose,Manhasset Hills. And North Shore Towers 11005

Come in and SEE the World more clearly at See World Optics on Union Turnpike.

Your New Hyde Park  Optician and

 best Optical care is at See World Optics.

65 Responses to “Optician New Hyde Park /Optical Eyeglasses 11040”

  • marty s says:

    Let ME tell You see world optics is the best for antique spectacles repair including PINCE NEZ lorgnetes and deco style frames. Drew has the talent to not only fix them but to create the lenses to reproduce the original look for any collector. Not to many opticians can do that. It’s well worth a trip to his store.

  • Dorrit G. says:

    I have been dealing with See World Optics for the past six years and have great admiration for Drew, the owner ,in the way he deals with his customers. He is so pleasant, kind and knowledgeable and goes out of his way to help you in any way he can. Dr Martin Sigman who works with Drew was extremely helpful in solving a difficult situation with my husband’s sight.
    See World has a very good variety of frames to choose from and the prices are fair. So all in all, it’s a perfect place to go to!!!

  • Miguel says:

    Thank you Drew for repairing my glasses when everywhere else turned me down. The price was great. Thank you also for taking better care of my glasses than I did when I shipped it to you in a plain envelope. You obviously love what you do and actually do care about people. You will do good not only in your business but in life. Once again thank you!

  • Helen S. says:

    Experience Matters!!!! Drew really knows his stuff!! He always fits your face to a frame… He has a wonderful selection for all tastes..very friendly atmosphere..you’ll never feel rushed….Don’t forget..experience really does matter!!!!!

  • Sharon B. says:

    Drew and Dr. Sigman are a winning team. Great eye exam and fabulous glasses. Highly recommend See-world optics to all…

  • Fred Chernow says:

    Fred C. says:
    November 9, 2010 at 3:40 pm
    Getting glasses is such a ‘blind’ item. I can’t tell a very good frame from an ordinary one. I know what I like and what I think looks good on my nose. But Drew took all the guess work out of the equation. He is so knowledgeable and so patient. I tried on a dozen frames and he took the time to give me the pros and cons for each one. When I made my final choice I was so confident that, with Drew’s help, I made the right selection. He was also generous with his time in fixing a frame I bought elsewhere. What a mensch!

  • Ron A. says:

    Drew at See World Optics treats his customers very nice. Besides having a wonderful selection of glasses, his prices are very reasonable.

  • Joe says:

    After appearing for the first time at See World Optics, Drew has real knowledge of what it means to treat his customers with integrity, quality service, and dedication. I would highly recommend to anybody that See World Optics is the one and only place I think that people should conduct their business with. I would like to take this time to personal say to Drew keep up the good work!

  • dANIELA says:

    Drew at See World Optics really knows how to treat his customers. Not only is he an expert in his field, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!!! He really cares about his customers’ needs and always guides them in the right direction when picking a pair of glasses. After one visit at See World Optics you will never want to go anywhere else again!!!!

  • Deborah Cheryl says:

    July 01, 2010
    Lovely shop

    They are always extremely helpful and nice. prices are average in comparison to other similar establishments, for me it’s the service that makes this place Special. Thanks !

  • Stephanie says:

    See World Optics Inc 271-10 Union Tpke, New Hyde Park, NY 11040
    Amazing customer service! – Sep 29, 2010
    Drew is a wonderful man who provides the utmost best customer service. I had recently gotten my eyeglasses adjusted at ‘my prescription eyeglass place’ only to be left with a tangled mess that I couldn’t even wear. Upset that there could be a possibility that these glasses could not be made to fit my face again I searched around for eyeglass place reviews and after reading See World Optics’, I decided to go over and see what could be done. I walked in sad and negative about the possibilities and I am happy to say I walked out smiley and super content with the miracle he worked on my crooked eyeglasses. I would recommend 100% and I will be calling See World Optics my new eyeglass home! Thank youuuu!!

  • Daniala. m says:

    See World is a wonderful place to go for glasses, especially vintage glasses. Drew has so many fantastic frames to choose from, ranging from different eras. I highly recommend See World if you are looking for stylish one of a kind glasses!! Go Green, buy vintage glasses!!

  • William L Sr says:

    I’m a relative new customer with Bi-focal. As you know, getting the right prescription fill and finding a suitable frame can be a hassle. Over the few years since I’ve had my prescription filled at seeworld optics, I look and feel ten years younger. No more adjusting of frames, and making props to keep my glasses on my face.

  • MR Bill L says:

    I have recommended Seeworld Optics to my friends and relatives because Drew takes the time to distinguish what application you will be using your eyeware for. When you visit this store, you will find a selection of modern frames to suit your style. Not to mention, At Seeworld Optics, this is a One Stop Shop where you can have your eyes tested by an eye doctor and have your prescription filled. I have known Drew about 10 years now, and always felt that he takes pride in making his customers leave satisfied. “SeeWorld Optics is worth visiting “.

  • Loraine C. says:

    “I was in NY on vacation and broke my glasses. I went on the computer and found See World Optics, Inc. I called, and the owner, Drew told me to come right in. I was very impressed with his knowledge, sincerity, and patience. My glasses were fixed within minutes and I left with a very satisfied feeling. Also, Drew gave me an education on how to take care of my glasses. I recommend anyone living in NY to visit See World Optics, Inc. and talk to Drew. He knows what he is doing.”
    From: Loraine Cohen of Westlake Village, CA on June 10, 2009

  • magenta m. says:


    Drew is a perfectionist. I have a difficult prescription. He always makes glasses I can see out of. Drew has an awesome selection of frames. Drew is an artist . He selects many choices from his stock of frames that look good on my face, that will work with my prescription and my personality . Drew ‘s professional opinion on my choices of lenses and frames are honest and his prices are fair. I used to shop every store in Manhattan to look at frames. Now, I just go to Drew and you should too. What more can you ask for? ..OOOOH and there is a very large free parking lot right behind the store. The Q46 bus stops there too.

  • greg & Karen says:

    You might not expect to be entertained when shopping for a pair of glasses, but get ready for a wonderful experience with Drew at See World Optics. We have had our glasses made by Drew for more then 15 years. His knowledge of his craft and pride in his workmanship are evident. Drew will go the extra 100 yards to be sure you are happy with your glasses. Thanks.

  • steve says:

    Steve from:

    The real show here is Drew, the owner of See World Optics. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and very service oriented. He goes out of his way to take care of his customers in every way possible. This nicely done Video is just icing on the cake. There is no better Optical store than See World and no better optician than Drew. Call Drew at See World Optics (718) 962-3040
    Located at:
    271-10 Union Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

  • Steve says:

    Drew you really hooked me up. The glasses you sold me, not only look great, they came out the thinest of all the eyeglasses I have ever worn. I had never really felt good about eyeglasses because they always came out too thick and made me insecure when people looked at me. Now you have explained to me about how to choose a proper frame to work with my lenses. You made me glasses that I always dreamed of wearing. Thank you Drew for helping me feel good about myself, and I’m looking forward to talking to people and not think they are looking at the thick lenses that I use to wear. Steve

  • Ian S. says:

    Excellent Service!‎‎
    I was treated like family from the moment I walked in till the moment I left. Drew was able to help me locate the specific model sun glasses I was not able to find anywhere else. I am so happy with See World Optics, I would high recommend this business to anyone who wants to be treated right. Thank you so much!

  • BROOKE W. says:

    I have to say that See-World Optics is beyond any expectations I may have had for a place to buy eyeglasses and contacts. I am 30 years old, and I have been wearing glasses since I am 8. Recently about a year or so ago, I learned about See-World Optics. I am so glad that I was referred. I have a condition that needs PRISM in my eyeglasses. That means that one eye is lower than the other eye and I need to wear glasses so that the lazy eye can stay level with the normal eye for a clear picture and not double vision. For this reason, I was told I could never wear contact lenses because they don’t make them like this. Well about 2 months before my wedding, I made an appointment with the Optometrist at See-World Optics. With Dr. Martin Sigman who has been there for over 20 years. He is amazing. During my exam, he found a way that I would be able to wear contacts! Especially for my wedding! Don’t know how, but he did. He told me that they are always going to seminars and conventions and learning about new advances on glasses and contacts. He also gave me a sample pair and waited for me to be able to put them in and take them out of my eye, for I have never worn contacts before. Within 3 days, I was called to come pick up my contacts and eyeglasses! My glasses are never ready in 3 days. Well I have to say, he saved my life! No bride wants to wear glasses on her wedding day! I do see better with my glasses but it didn’t matter. I was happy not to have to wear them and still SEE for my wedding. My new glasses a very stylish and look amazing on me! I was referred to Drew, and Dr. Sigman and would like to refer them to you. I promise. You won’t regret it. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • SHELLEY G. says:

    The best place to buy your glasses in town! You must come in and see for yourself. Drew makes glasses really nice. My lenses always use to come out very thick until Drew explained to me that the frames were to wide for my face and my script. Now he picks out my frames for me. And most of the time, It’s the first frame he shows me. He knows. I trust him. So can you.

  • MARISOL says:


  • Paul G says:

    I have been wearing corrective lens for more then 40 years. In all those years I had never come across a truer “Gentleman” in the optical field. Drew is one of the most talented Opticians in the metro area. More important, he his an honest and caring professional.

    He will never try and sell you something that you don’t need. Many times I asked for new frames. And his answer always was, no need, I can fix them as if they were new.

    Rest assured, if you seek quality craftsmanship and honest prices, See-World Optics is the place to go.

  • Cindy B says:

    In today’s world, everything is impersonal, with How Fast Can I Get It and How Cheap can I get it! I prefer to have my eyes looked after by someone who is personable, knows your name, and most importantly – knows his business! I have known Drew for over 20 years – and would not even think of going to one of those “mass market” stores with clerks that really have no clue.
    Drew makes sure your glasses fit your face, makes sure the prescription fits your eyes, and that you are completely satisfied! With Drew, every pair of glasses he sells represents who he is, and who he is is one VERY HONORABLE PERSON, WHO STILL BELIEVES IN QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP!
    I recommend him highly!

  • Louis G says:

    My first visit to See World gave me an education about my vision &; eyeglasses that I had never received before from any optical store (or ophthalmologist for that matter) in the 50 years that I have been wearing glasses. Drew really cares about what he does. and will take the time to put you in a quality lens &; frame which will suit your vision &; style perfectly. He was so good with my progressives, I purchased a second pair(for computer use), and they are just as great as the first pair. I would highly recommend Drew &; SeeWorld to everyone!

  • Mindy says:

    My daughter accidently sat on my imported glasses from Denmark and they were practically bent in half. They were a special purple wireframe with a beautiful cut out design. I only had them for a few weeks and was sure they were damaged beyond repair. I took them to Drew at See World optics to see if he could help. Within minutes, he fixed them perfectly and we were on our way. It is not the first time that Drew has saved the day. The office is very efficient and the frames and service are great too. He calls when they are ready and is always available to help with the difficult decision making when choosing frames.
    I am glad that my daughter is no longer in trouble.

  • Rebecca says:

    Last week, my mother asked me to come into her room. I plopped down on her bed, and of course, heard the inevitable CRACK! Worried, my mother lifts her glasses to show that they are horribly bent and says to me “I’m not going to touch them-Drew will know what to do”. We go there later that day, and Drew immediately takes them and fixes them. Within moments, her glasses are back and as good as new on hr face (and I’m not in trouble).

  • Sheri l says:

    Drew is an easy going very helpful; insiteful person. Drew is always willing to give you all the time you need to make your decision when it comes to selecting your frames.

  • amazing place and amazing service. has you covered when it comes to either vintage sunglasses or any type of eye wear!!!