Dr. Martin Sigman Optometrist Dr.Sigman

One of  the most  important parts of a comprehensive eye exam, is identifying the right prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Many doctors evaluate a patient’s vision by finding the combination of lenses that offer “20/20” vision. However, there is much more involved in determining the best prescription for “perfect vision.”

A proper prescription should be based not only on the parameters that offer clear eyesight but also on a formula that gives the patient the greatest visual efficiency and allows the patient to process visual information seamlessly. This approach will result in eyeglasses or contact lenses that provide the best eyesight, the greatest productivity and, most importantly, the greatest comfort.

Dr. Martin Sigman uses a computerized vision testing system to fully evaluate each patient’s prescription needs. This latest technology allows him to first utilize objective computerized instruments to analyze the eyesight status, the lens prescription, the corneal shape and the amount of pressure in each eye. This enables Dr. Sigman to examine the patient’s visual system with several computer-guided tests. Measurements can be made in extremely small, highly accurate units. Various prescriptions can then be noted and presented to the patient in quick successive order to let them see the difference.

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