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  • Florence M.


Drew is a “magic man”. Those are the words of another satisfied customer. Drew fixed the broken arms of his eyeglass frame with the arms of a different frame, while I tried my new computer glasses that Drew just made. I completely agree that Drew is a “magic man”. He is a very knowledgeable and skilled optician. I wish I knew him 10 years ago when I moved to Long Island. Besides the computer glasses, he chose a perfect stylish frame that fit my face for my distance vision glasses with progressive lenses. I was not planning to get a pair of computer glasses, but Drew took the time to discuss and understand my prescription and my vision needs. I highly recommend Drew of See World Optics for anyone who wants stylish eyeglasses or needs eyeglass adjustments, but especially anyone who has a strong prescription and complicated vision needs like myself.

  • V Krol ,Roslyn NY says:

    I would like to thank Mr.Drew for his professional, expert advice, that saved me a lot of time, money and aggravation. My next pair of glasses will only be from See-World Optics. Thank you again.

  • B & H Frei says:

    B & H Frei
    Bayside, New York,
    My husband found Drew at See World Optics searching on the Internet. He read all the comments and so we went to See World. All the comments are truthful, plus Drew did not try to sell more than what was absolutely needed. He is honest, ethical, patient, extremely knowledgeable and helpful selecting the proper and stylish frames. We will always be able to See the World better because of Drew.

  • Debbie B says:

    I live five hours away and drive all the way to Drew at See World Optics when I need new glasses. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and patient and skillfully makes me perfect glasses time after time. Further, I have a very thick prescription and he happily spends the time to make my glasses as thin and as comfortable as possible. They’re so thin that you’d never know I have such a serious prescription. Since I live so far away, he promptly ships them to me free of charge. My entire family gets their glasses from Drew and he is always willing to do a quick fitting or repair. I would never trust another optician!

  • Judy m says:

    The wire-rimmed frames of my only available pair of glasses broke. Drew skillfully repaired them in minutes even though it was a difficult break to fix. I am once again so grateful to him for saving me the cost of new frames and doing it so quickly and at a minimum cost. I know of no other place that will re-solder glasses while you wait. Drew is a treasure, both as an experienced, gifted craftsman, as well as a wonderful person to deal with.

  • Donna O. says:


    Donna O.
    Garden City Park,NY

    I found See-World Optics by pure chance and am so glad I did. Drew, who is the owner, gives you all the time you need. He will explain things to you, what you need, don’t need, answer any questions. He is a straight-forward person who is professional, caring, honest and extremely knowledgeable. His customer service is second to none. If you need glasses, repairs, contacts, go to See-World Optics. You won’t be disappointed. Drew is truly a professional is every sense of the word. I’m a customer for life. Thanks Drew!!

  • david Maryl says:

    If you are ever in the need of an optician who is caring, passionate and extremely knowledgeable in his field, I would strongly suggest you see Drew. This is a true professional, who takes both the time and effort to address your individual needs. I walked away this morning with a feeling, that whether or not my eye issue is resolved, It will not be due to a lack of expertise and total commitment from Drew. If you have been to other opticians and walked away feeling like you were just another customer, then I suggest you visit this remarkable professional.

  • A. S. says:

    I went to See World optics for special glasses in my existing frames. It was difficult to explain but Drew exactly understood my requirement. He is a real professional and spent lot of time and effort to meet my need. I am very happy with the services and would highly recommend to others for their optical needs.

  • joanne Hrycak says:

    from Flushing, NY,
    This is the first time that I can remember receiving a pair of new glasses that did not give me an instant headache not only that but more importantly Drew explained in great detail my vision so I could understand it. If you need glasses or just a quick repair on your glasses you will not be disappointed, this is the only place to go. Great service, great selection of glasses to choose from and the best customer service you have a question Drew will answer it for you on the spot. Go visit and be the judge.

  • aj mATHEW says:

    If you are planning on getting eyeglasses or contacts YOU MUST CHECK OUT SEE WORLD OPTICS. I was very dissatisfied with the service at my old place and went to search for a new place and came across SEE WORLD and Im glad I made the switch. Drew from the second I walked in gave me great advice and gave me his insight on my situation and worked with me for the best solution and along with Dr Sigman I was very satisfied with my experience. SEE WORLD will provide you with the best possible experience in the area or around the world for that matter if you choose them and will treat you like family. Drew is a very straight forward guy and knowledgeable and competitors could get a lesson or two on customer service from him because its one of a kind

  • JOAN K. says:


  • FRED T. says:

    See-World Optical is truly “worth the trip from anywhere.” It has a huge parking lot, is near major highways but most of all, It’s run by DREW WASHTON, a licensed optician and owner. He makes you feel that you are the only customer he wants to please. No matter how busy he is you are made to feel that you can’t leave until he has answered every question. And what a selection of frames! He helps you choose what is best for your face and pocketbook. He even repairs glasses you bought somewhere else. No wonder he gets so much repeat business. Not a chain and you don’t have to wait weeks for your new glasses to be ready.

  • Jenn F. says:

    Jenn F. from Forest Hills NY.

    Gold mine and Drew is a miracle worker!!

    There is no pair of glasses Drew can’t fix! I stepped on my very favorite frames I got five years ago. Every place I went (and I went to three different places on L.I.) said the frames couldn’t be fixed. I’d have to get a new frame, but I didn’t want a new frame, I wanted my frame! I have a petite, small, narrow face and it’s always been hard for me to find eye-wear, so naturally I was upset, my frames were perfect. I was heart broken and very disappointed. But I was determined that there was someone out there that could fix my frames, so, I did an Internet search for “eye-wear repair NY.” See World Optics was either the first or second name that came up. I clicked on the link, called the number and ran over there as soon as possible to see if Drew could help me. Not only did Drew fix my frames but, while fixing my frames he showed me other fames and what was crazy is that they all looked good and fit my face perfectly. I’m like ‘How is this possible? I’ve never tried on three pairs of glasses, have them all fit, look good and me actually like how I look, in less than an hour!’ Drew says “look in the window, see what it says.” I turn around in my chair and in the window it says “Specializes in Petite Frames.” I was shocked. My jaw dropped, my spirits were lifted and in addition to getting my old pair of frames fixed, I walked out with two more pairs!!!

    Drew is wonderful. He is patient, kind, listens to his customers, takes the time to fix your frames (and it’s quality work, not a 1/2 a!#’d job at all) and doesn’t just try to sell you the new styles. Drew has over 30+ years experience in the optical field and If you live in the tr-state area, just get there, you won’t be disappointed!!


    I had cataract surgery three weeks ago and thought I needed new glasses. However, I did not have a prescription and the See World doctor was not in the office the day I visited. Drew explained exactly what my medicare rights are and the process to get new glasses. He spent a lot of time with me and even repaired the broken temple part on my old glasses – Without a Charge! He is very knowledgeable.
    Because I was in a hurry on that day I went to my ophthalmologist for a prescription. With great relief I discovered my old glasses (which were fixed by Drew) are correct to wear as is because of a slight change in my vision.
    Drew is certainly a man who gives exceptional service and I salute his kind of neighborhood reliability, kindness and fine professionalism.”


  • Ellyn says:

    Hi Drew,

    My husband was in this past September to have the nose piece on my glasses fixed. You did it so quickly despite the fact that the hail storm caused a hole in your roof that you were dealing with. I wanted to thank you very much. Might I suggest you change the name of your store from “See World” to “See Sky”!

    Good luck with that!

    Your customer,

  • Jordan Baurmash says:

    I was at seeworld on 11/8/11 for a repair on my glasses. Drew as usual promptly and free. My wife and I have been with him for ages. HE IS THE BEST || he,s smart and knowlegeable on optics. Plus he is a great talker. We highly recommend him for glasses ann a little entertainment.

  • Jessy G says:

    After reading the five star reviews, I decided to give See World a try when my glasses broke and I was out on Long Island. Drew was great and helped me with everything I needed. Highly recommended!

  • Christine says:

    11 /8/ 2015
    Whenever and wherever you receive a prescription for lenses, the only place to complete the process is is with Drew at See World. He is the most skilled optician I’ve encountered in over 20 years. Not once was there a problem with the finished product. Drew offers sage advice, has the greatest collection of frames anywhere and is a great guy ta’ boot.

  • jamie says:

    My contact ripped, I work up the block from Drew at See World Optics, I called him and told him my situation, he told me to have my optician fax my prescription over, with in 5 mins, I went to Drew he gave me a sample contact lens, I am now switching opticians. Thank you Drew, I can see.

  • Erika says:

    In my rush to answer the phone I accidentally stepped on my one and only pair of glasses. I suffered over the weekend without them waiting to take them to Drew the first thing on Tuesday. I was prepared to buy a new one. But to my pleasant surprise Drew had them fixed in no time. Thank you so much Drew!

  • brian b. says:

    If you want true professional service for your eye care needs, then go see Drew at SEE WORLD OPTICS. I have been going to Drew for mine, for over 20 years. Drew has an incredible knack for choosing just the right frames for you!!!! He fits and adjusts your glasses until they are a perfect fit for you. Drew will help you to get the most out of your glasses. He will also repair, or adjust any damaged glasses including replacing any needed parts either for a nominal fee, or even for free. If you live in the NYC/Long Island area, you can NEVER go wrong by going to Drew for your Evecare needs.

  • Georg’Ann says:

    Drew was a life saver today for he fixed the crazy bend in my siloette glasses and see clearly once again! My husband and I were traveling from Connecticut to Long Island to visit his mother who is in the hospital. As we were leaving our home I discovered that my wire framed siloette glasses had one of the ear pieces bent. They were unusable as they were. We stumbled across his wonderful store and feel so fortunate that we did. He gave wonderful friendly service and showed expertise and mastery in fixing the frame. Thank you so much Drew. I will take your advice and follow up with my home optical shop. If they cannot help me with what you suggested…you will be seeing us in your store next week.

  • Marcello Sobottka says:

    Drew is the Best!!!!! 5 Stars!!!! No one is more professional and he will give you a great experience!

    I was referred to Drew Washton by a friend of mine. My glasses from Davis Vision had broken. One side had broken off and I needed someone to do it. I went to See World and did not regret at all. Drew looked over the glasses and told me that the broken off piece unfortunately could not be put back. He explained it and it made sense. Also, Drew said the coating holding the lense to the frame had striped away. He was correct and honest about what he would recommend. He recommended it would be better to replace the frame entirely.

    The glasses that were broken were a $500.00+ pair of glasses. The lenses themselves were worth around $300.00 To replace them as well He said could be done but really not worth it for what the lenses already had(transitions scratch proof, anti glare etc.) I was a little limited on frames since the frames I chose would have to be close to what the shape of the frames were in order for Drew to make them fit. The selection he has thought is great, and honestly better than what Davis Vision has(which is a bigger office.) But, here is the best part:

    Drew did not charge for the reshaping of the lenses to fit the frame, he only charged for the frames.



    He could have charged me for the reshaping and I would have paid for it, since I needed to use my old lenses. Drew did everything to make my experience with See World an unforgetable one. He lost money in not charging me and I appreciate his unbelievable work ethic and kindness. Drew is very understanding and will work with you so you leave satisfied. Also, Drew will work with Davis Vision if you have insurance with them, and I know, you will not lose out by dealing with Drew. My glasses were done within 24 hours.

    Bottom line————

    Go to Drew at See World Optics, you will not be dissapointed and more importantly you WILL NOT WANT TO GO TO ANYONE ELSE BUT DREW. He has made me a loyal customer!

  • Hugo says:

    This morning I stepped on my glasses, breaking both hinges. I didn’t have a replacement on hand and was desperate to get them fixed ASAP. Other shops wanted me to get both a new frame and new lenses (at a cost of $300) but fortunately I was able to find Drew at See World Optics. He fixed the hinges for me in a few hours for only $30. They are now better than ever.

    Lesson learned: don’t step on your glasses, BUT if you do, go to See World Optics.

    Thanks, Drew!

  • Tricia M says:

    At 33, I have a very high lens prescription and had basically stopped wearing glasses because I always hated how thick and heavy they looked on me. When my old glasses became unwearable, I was referred to Drew at See World Optics and was blown away by the personal attention I received. Drew looked at my prescription and gave me frames to try that he knew would work and still look beautiful. When he heard that I was leaving on my honeymoon in 2 days, he got on the phone, found my lenses and assured me that they would be ready the next day. I loved them so much that I left the shop in them and kept them on all afternoon. I will definitely be going back to Drew for all other glasses I need. Thanks a million!!

  • Judy Makovsky says:

    I am visiting from out of town and broke my wire-rimmed glasses. The break was not simple to fix. I googled eyeglass repair and found See-World Optics’ ad. Their website sounded encouraging (and inviting) as was my phone conversation with Drew. When I got there, I was greeted with such friendliness and a familiarity from our brief conversation. Sensing that I was in a desperate situation, Drew immediately and skillfully began to repair the frames. In a short time, they were as good as new. He was as happy about the results as I was. While waiting, I saw him interact with other customers in the same friendly, patient manner. Drew clearly cares about them and does the utmost for them. Even though See-World Optics is a distance from where I am staying, it was well worth the time and travel because of the speed and quality of work and the unbeatable customer service. I highly recommend Drew and concider him my NY area optician.

  • ARTHUR G. says:

    I have been going to Drew for four years as a result of a recommendation from a good friend of mine. I have a very complicated prescription and was dissatisfied with the glasses I purchased elsewhere. I was unable to see well from any pair of glasses. Well, Drew had me re examined and discovered I needed way more prism. As a result, he made me the best pair of glasses I ever had. Subsequently, he has made me many pairs of glasses. Whenever I had a problem or needed an adjustment, he has been the best. Just today, I came in with a problem. The pads are hurting my nose. He solved the problem by finding me a great plastic frame with no separate nose-piece. They fit great and now my nose will not get a good rest.

  • david R. says:

    “See World Optics is a refreshing step back in time regarding service and at the same time See World Optics is a state of the art facility when it comes down to the technical aspects of fitting corrective lenses. Drew is unique in as much as he evaluates the doctors recommendations and may contact the doctor when it is in the best interest of the patient to modify the doctors prescription. Most larger optical chains hire inexperienced help whose attitude is that this is what the doctor ordered, so that’s what I’ll make. He also helps you find the frame that best fits your face. When it comes to eye care, the one man show approach to optics provides the best service and Drew is the very best at what he does.” April 27, 2010

    qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

    David Reich,

  • Gina C. says:

    Last week, while at work, I dropped my glasses and then proceeded to step on them – dumb right? Well I thought the frames were going to have to be replaced but not so! Drew was able to repair the frames within minutes and saved me from having to purchase new frames. Thanks Drew you are the best! Gina C. from Mineola, 3/25/15

  •  ELIZABETH says:

    I had lost hope in repairing my very expensive reflective free, thinned out, Varilux lenses that I ruined by improperly cleaning them. I visited numerous optical stores including the one I purchased them in. I searched the internet looking for a remedy to no avail. I walked into See-World Optics and met Drew who is very friendly and knowledgeable. To my great surprise, he repaired them in a matter of seconds. I could see clearly! I am so grateful. I never felt rushed or pressured into buying anything. I will recommend See-World to all my family and friends. Thank you Drew!

  • Elissa Goldstein says:

    My experience with Drew and See-World has been wonderful. He is honest, patient, funny and extremely knowledgeable. What more could you ask for? Great selection of frames also


    • 10/4/2016

      Broke my sunglasses arm off and took them here to get repaired, great service and I’m totally satisfied with the outcome.

      Claudius F.

    • 11/30/2016

      I have been researching for a reputable place that would be able to fix my very expensive Celine sunglasses. I came across See World Optics & all of the great reviews. I went on my lunch break yesterday, & had the pleasure of meeting Drew.  He was extremely welcoming, friendly & honest. Right away he informed me that if he attempted to fix them, there was a possibility that they could crack.  I told him I trusted him, and left them in his hands. He said they’d be ready the next day, however, to my surprise, there was a voicemail a few hours later from Drew, informing me that my glasses were fixed & ready.  I went the next day to pick them up & tried them on. They were PERFECT!  To top it off, he did it all for no charge, however I could not leave without giving him a tip!  He did not want to take it, but I ran off before he could give it back :).   Thank you SO much Drew!

      • Freda L.
      • Floral Park, Queens, NY

      I searched by reviews on Yelp. Liked it because every review had a personal touch mentioning Drew.
      I called ahead for an appt yesterday, Drew the proprietor was very helpful and accommodating to my schedule for this afternoon. He explained the fees for the exam as well as a a bit about his experience in the business. Drew explained he crafts the lenses himself on site, which is unusual these days. Met Drew and was introduced to Dr. Sigman,  He was quite detailed in making sure he  asked all the questions to know about my vision and changes since my last check up. Shared with him about the issues I’m having. Ran all the usual tests.
      Told me which solutions to use with the new contacts I’m getting, never knew some are compatible while others are not. After I completed my exam, Drew and I chatted for a few. A quick note on UV and polarized eyewear. Will be back to pick up my contacts next week. I’m very pleased with the service thus far. Hopefully we will develop a life long relationship.

      • Lisa V


      I went to ‘See Word Optics’ a week ago to repair my Vera Wang eyeglasses – after a screw came out. Drew was welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable plus efficient as he fixed my glasses within 10 minutes. I was so worried I would have to purchase a new pair or the replacement piece would have to be ordered but since Drew makes glasses in his shop – he had what I needed. . .  best of all,the service was free. Drew was great to work with! Not only can you get your eyes checked here but you can buy / create your own custom eye-wear in store. Definitely recommend this store and Drew.

      • Peter P


      I needed new frames for my bifocals – difficult to find since the glasses were 3 years old.  I did not want/need new lenses.  Drew was able to help me to find the right frames, with my specific requirements and put together my new bifocals while I waited.  Customer service was great and he told me that I can come back any time for an adjustment.  Definitely found a new person for making my glasses.  Highly Recommended!

      • E C


      Excellent. Was looking online for a reliable place and my experience at this place lived up to all the wonderful reviews on yelp. He accommodated my special request and was even able to finished it a day early. No complaints here!

      • JemiseW

      I was so happy I came here. Called See World because my bf glasses broke – he had antique style. Spoke to Drew over the phone. He was so friendly and willing to help, even told us how to get there from Brooklyn and mentioned not to run the yellow lights on your way there cuz they were rigged (hehe).
      He has every sort of frame listed. He got this down packed to a science. Frames from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, frames made in Germany, India , as well as plastic and metal frames (real gold frames too). It was a great experience.
      We came out purchasing another frame and he ordered new lenses for the one we wanted to be repaired. I’ll never mind running those yellow lights to come back to See World Optics. Well worth it.

      • Chris S.

      My prescription sunglasses broke last week. I went to the place I purchased them and from 15 feet away, the optician says, “They’re broken, (thanks Einstein) you need to get a new pair.”
      Then I found Drew at See World Optics. He assured me he could fix the glasses and they would be just like new.
      He kept his word and I had my glasses back within 24 hours. Job completed for a very reasonable price
      Thank you!

      • S C

      Drew has done my glasses since the late 80s.  I always follow his suggestions for frames, as well as for type of lenses and ‘extras’ such as scratch coating, and color for sunglasses.  I have always been happy!  I hadn’t been to the store for a few years, as my prescription hadn’t changed at all…..but I returned today.  I needed new regular glasses, sunglasses, and also needed the lenses changed in my old glasses for a ‘backup’ pair’.  Firstly, it was great to see him.  Secondly, he helped me pick out new frames that I love (both for ‘regular’ and
      sunglasses) and gave me fair prices for everything.  He has a great selection and a great sense of what will work best.  I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else.  Can’t wait to pick up my new glasses!

      • Judy M


      For those of us who wear glasses and are as hard on the frames as I am, having a place where they can be expertly and quickly repaired on the spot, is an indespensible asset.   Drew, of See World Optics, provides this valuable service. I have found many ways of breaking my frames but Drew always found a way to repair them, even when it seemed hopeless. Thanks to Drew, I haven’t  been without  my glasses for more than the five to ten minutes it took him to make them as good (or better) than new. I am indebted to him for ensuring that my vision is optimal without interruption. There is no one like him. He will give you the best service and advice because he has unmatched expertise and dedication to his craft and customers. Nothing seems to matter more than their satisfaction. If you are looking for an optician to make a pair of glasses or to repair the one you have, you will not find a better person than Drew. And you will have spent a very pleasant bit of time with a most delightful individual. I have yet to walk out of his store without feeling amazed, relieved and my spirits lifted.

      • Vanessa G

      Excellent customer service!! Drew fixed my father’s glasses and they came out looking like new. He is honest and takes great pride in his work. Very professional. I highly recommend this place for all your optical needs.

      • Wendy F

      Drew is amazing. Very helpful and highly knowledgable regarding glasses.   He spent a lot of time with me to make sure I was comfortable with my new glasses

      • Alan B
      • Fremont, CA

      I love antique eyeglasses.  By antique I mean the mid 1800s.  I recently had lenses made for my coin silver frames here in San Francisco.  Unfortunately one of the rivets holding the temple in place almost fell out.  No optician or jeweler here in San Francisco would touch them.

      I used the internet to find an optician who would work with antique frames.  I emailed See World some photos and hoped for the best.  Drew called me back and took on the challenge.  Mailing my glasses was actually easier and cheaper than a trip into the city.  A week after mailing them I had an expert repair done (at a reasonable price) and my glasses are better than before.

      See World Optics is the place for specialized eyewear work.

      • Sara B.

      My grandpa who recently returned from a trip in Pakistan, had got his glasses made there. When he returned, one of the screws went loose and the arm of the glasses completely unhinged. He couldn’t find the screw and so he asked me to take it in for a repair. So I blindly went into the closest optical shop nearest my home at around 5:45, almost closing time. I had the pleasure of speaking with Drew, the owner. As soon as I handed him the glasses, he knew they weren’t made in America. I asked how he knew, and he recognized the different screw these glasses used (the glasses’ lenses were also made of glass, and not plastic like how they are in the US). So I knew I was dealing with a pro (42 years in this field to be exact). He said it’d be hard to find the specific screw to put the glasses together but that he’ll try his best. So lo and behold, I come in the next day and the glasses look brand new again. Although he didn’t have the exact same screw, he found another one and made it work. He also tightened the other screw on the other arm of the frame without me even asking. Frankly, I didn’t even know it was loose. Drew definitely puts customer service first and I really appreciate that. Sometimes you walk into a shop, and no one even acknowledges your presence. That will NEVER happen in Drew’s store. Definitely come into this shop for whatever repair you may need, or even if you need a new pair of glasses.

      • Nv S.
      • Unionport, Bronx, NY

      Great service very helpful , nice and friendly  .. Also very knowledgable .. “Been doing this 43 years”! I recommend for any eyeglass needs

      • D C.
      • Manhattan, NY

      This is a long overdue review that I wish I had been able to get to earlier.  I never write reviews, but after what See World Optics had done for me, I knew I had to spread the amazing work they do, specifically Drew.

      I had a pair of Dior eyeglasses that had broken hitting the ground after I accidentally dropped it one night.  It had completely cracked right on the rim of the glasses where the lens fits in.  I went store to store all over New York City to find an eyeglass technician that can fix it, but they all said it was a lost cause due to the position of the crack.  I even contacted notable companies who are supposedly “experts” in fixing glasses and still had no luck.  Just my luck that I found See World Optics while searching for eyeglasses stores near my house!  At first, Drew took a look at my glasses and said what I’ve heard a million times already, that it’s probably not salvageable.  But! The difference is, he says “…but I can try and see what I can do.” And man did he do his magic!  I left them with him and within a day’s time he was able to fix them!  Seriously…Brand as NEW (if not better)!  After wearing them now for a few months, I have to say it’s even stronger than what it was before!  He’s absolutely amazing!!  And what’s more…the price was incredibly reasonable!  Drew truly is an expert eyeglass technician, loves what he does, honest…one you can really put your trust in.  I loved those glasses and he knew it, which is why he went out of his way to try and help me revive them any way possible.  I can’t say enough about how incredible See World Optics is.  If you don’t give them a try, you truly are missing out!

      • George A.
      • Beechhurst, NY

      I don’t really write many reviews, but I feel like I would be doing everyone a great disservice if I didn’t write one for Drew and Seeworld. I had the good fortune of finding Seeworld by accident through an online search, and I am SO glad I did. I was tired of going to the big stores like Pearle Vision and getting ripped off and treated like cattle.

      There aren’t enough good things I can say about Drew and his business. Drew isn’t looking to make a quick buck off of every person that comes in. He is the type of professional that focuses more on making a customer for life, treating us more like family and friends rather than customers.

      When I lost my glasses  recently, I went to Seeworld (called Drew and he told me to come right in!) and he made sure that I purchased quality glasses at a very good price. No upselling, nothing. He was more concerned with making sure I was happy with the fit and look of my glasses,  and jumped through hoops to make sure I got them as fast as possible……he made me one backup pair on the spot so that I would at least have something and not drive around like Mr. Magoo, and my main pair was ready in less than 24 hours!

      He is friendly, patient, professional, and VERY honest, which is a rarity nowadays. He has gone above and beyond for me every single time I’ve visited him, providing a world class level of customer service that in my experience is unmatched by far.  His “bedside manner” is absolutely unparalleled and I would highly recommend him to anyone without any sort of reservation. Just go there once and you’ll see what I mean!

      As long as Seeworld is in business and I need glasses, there is absolutely nowhere else I would go for, hands down.

      – George

      • Paru R.
      • Eugene, OR


      Having just moved to New York I had no idea where to go when my frames broke. Fortunately I found Drew at See World Optics. Within minutes of walking in he assured me he could mend my frames and he did!  Drew is highly knowledgeable and will take incredible care of you. If he can’t fix it he’ll find some solution.

      • Alix Z.
      • Portland, OR


      Drew has done it again.

      I now live in Portland Oregon.  After groggily leaving home in the wee-hours of morning, I headed up to Bremerton, Washington (a 3.5 hr drive) for the sake of a Roller Derby tournament.  It was with utter horror that I realized upon arriving at my first game of the day that I’d left my contact lenses at home.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day wearing my stylish chunky plastic glasses (from See World naturally) and that I’d be a danger to all on the track if I skated blind.  I called Drew in a panic to see if he could get my lens prescription up to a local shop in hopes of being fitted-on-the-fly with new lenses.

      Though See World is always busy on a Saturday, he took time out to make it happen.  Unbelievable!  See World really is the best, and I appreciate it just as much even living here.